by Sea Salt

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My life from 2012-2015


released September 1, 2015

All songs written and performed by Kurtis Roy.
Recorded at Heartgold Studios

Cover artwork by Michelle Goins.


all rights reserved



Sea Salt Seattle, Washington

Sea Salt is an indie pop band founded by Kurtis Roy. Drawing influences from bands like Wild Nothing, Crumb, and Turnover, Sea Salt is described as writing quirky and introspective pop songs with a heavy emphasis on melody. Currently, Kurtis is writing his first full length album, which will be released in 2019. ... more

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Track Name: Atom Tattoo
My dad doesn't know about my tattoo on my right arm
my dad will never hear this song
Doesn't feel right wearing a long sleeve shirt
and I think I might have to wear it all summer long

I have a meaningless drawing on my arm
Last year I got it at Mary's grad party
And I hate this feeling on being in hiding
Sleeping on one side of my bed is now right

I am 22 years old and I feel like I have to hide
When he finds out, I will lock myself into my room and cry.
Track Name: Pilsen
I've said it a million times: I want hardwood floors in my bedroom but always get tile.
I have to clean the floors before I move all my things inside
and Kathy karelessly kollects all of my cash and
I am here, and I am scared, for the first time in my life.
And I am scared to die alone and I am sleeping by the window sill
And you are in the back room, and you're talking with some friends about me
I can't fall asleep, by hearing you speak.

I'm selling all of my trading cards to strangers on the internet because
all of my friends have quit and grown up.
And my walls are painted white about a million times but
Nothing that I have is worth hanging up and I feel so strange and lonely
But who will see them anyway?
It's only me here everyday
I wanted to be your best friend again
I took you for granted and I'm sorry it had to end

I packed up my green car and I went back east in the snow
I'm sorry I left so fast I should've let you know I was sad inside
It wasn't right and one day we will be in the same city just like it was.
Track Name: Comfy
I really thought that I would be
comfortable and happy
When I moved back home

But I

Got myself into the same old shit just like I did
Before I left for chicago

Summertime has gone again and I am here working away
Just like I did when I was 16, like I did when I was learning
about myself and why I get so comfortable but in the worst way

I never wanted this, now I'm leaving
You never needed me, now I'm gone
I have too many things inside my head to think about when I bike home.
Track Name: Surprise Party
Pulling up to Amber’s house I
I felt something was going on
Cars in front yard they put me on guard
And as I walked into the house I saw somebody's arm
poking out from kitchen doorway where all my friends stood

And as the night went on I sang into the microphone
old songs from high school
old songs that I wrote

It didn't seem to me that all of my friends would be gone in the morning time

I could stay here for awhile
Fall on the floor and kiss the tile
with my head I've made my bed
on the floor and I won't be waking up

Looking forward to never coming back again
But I will be the one to let all of you in
to my heart and I will feel happy when I feel like I'm good enough for you

when the cop came into the front door I really felt like we had done something right
Playing some shitty rap songs from some laptop that we had on the counter
and when we went downstairs with friends that weren't 21
I felt sad that I was leaving
Track Name: Rental Van
Waking up just before you
Hitting my head on the door
Can't remember when the last time that I slept on the van floor

You are always there for me
guiding me through the city
It's alright when we take the wrong road and have to flip around

But you are the reason I feel lost
Never compromising dreams that most people forgot
Feeling safe with you and with our little plan
everything will be okay inside this rented van

I'm trying my hardest to understand you inside out
I'm trying my hardest be the one who always loves you more than I did

Before we came out here with no friends at all
Before we hung our pictures on the wall
Thank you for pushing me out of the front door
and into this van
Because I have no idea where we are and that's okay with me

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