Songs You Can Sing Underwater

by Sea Salt

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released November 16, 2012

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kurtis Roy at HeartGold Studios. Thanks to Sarah Sherfey for vocals on track 4. Cover photo by Andrew Adams

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Sea Salt Seattle, Washington

chill music i guess

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Track Name: Home Siq
Having Dreams Where I fall down the stairs again,
Fast asleep to the sound of my fan at ten
I'm becoming nothing more than a waste of space
And how many times did I forget to write you when you sent me letters wishing me better?
I think, I'm falling apart

Picking up things from the ground in the asile
And having a home just to sleep for awhile,
is making me lose sight of where I should be.

I think I'm falling apart please leave me on the ground. I don't need anyone.
Track Name: Dying In Bed Alone
Please tie my hands to the bed tonight
Let me learn how to pray tonight
I just hope I will see you again

When I die will there be a way to tell you what it's like?

In books I've read halfway through
I've learned people trust in you

And you are the river that dried up again
And you are the hope that died when I fell in
Can you replace my heart with one that lives?
I'm falling asleep

I've having these dreams where I can touch your face
I know things might be okay.
Track Name: Run On Sentences
When we lived inside of the house by the Riverwoods, everything was fine and we had a family
Frequently I would listen to some frequencies that would make everything seem like it was okay

I wish I could tell you how I felt the time we stayed up waiting for the doorbell to ring softly, and I was afraid of what he would say to you.

I'll lay here, on my floor wishing I could do more
To save the thing I love the most
And my faith slowly dies,
When my face starts to cry
I can't go on living like this

This is not what you want and I know that your heart will mend soon
My sister is young still this year killed her slowly I know
This is not what I want and I know that my heart will mend soon
This house was a promise that fell through upon us so fast.
Track Name: Underwater Sleeping
I know what's coming for you next week
The bus stop, the feeling on your own cheek
When you know you're headed out on your own
But that town didn't want you coming, so you drowned trying on your new ring
You thought you'd never have to try and swim

Your head is sinking underwater, and your heart is bigger than the first time
Breathe deep, the waters even colder, when you sink, sinking for the last time.

That was just a bad dream underwater sleeping but I'd have never found you if you hadn't drowned, too.
Pull me up from under out of rain and thunder push me back into bed drowning with you again.

You're thawed out, we wonder how you're feeling when your heart has lost all of it's meaning
The great lake has taken your love for now
You swore to brave the icy water, to dive down to get back what you'd lost there
The lake froze with you still underneath
Track Name: Rainey Street
Please tell me you're thinking about when you moved in last year
I can see you from my window, I've got everything you've wanted here
So hold my hand in the hotel, I'll pull your hair in the backyard
Tell me stories of your home town, and how you're never leaving here

Even though time is leaving us slowly
We can still pretend that we're still happy
Climbing into your room through your window
It's been been done before but I don't care
Come with me to the top of the city
Looking down, Arlen used to be pretty
And I know once you're gone I'll have nothing
When you're gone I know I'll be nothing

I know what is best for you is best for me
And I know things will workout fine eventually

Please stay! I know the people that you love are here, I'd hate to see you go and disappear
And I can't understand the words they say, just tell them you are here to stay another day, another year
Or spend the night for the last time
Kiss my face and I'll be fine

I hope you're always living next door to me so we'll always be okay.